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What are the wars that happened in the Middle East during the twentieth century?

The wars between Israel and the Arab nations include:   The war of independence (1947-49), Reprisal Operations  (1950's-1960's), Suez Crisis (1956), Six Day War (1967), W (MORE)

What US presidents served in the twentieth century?

United States Presidents of the 20th Century Presidents (all) Lyndon B. Johnson George Bush Jr. John F. Kennedy George Bush Sr. Richard M. Nixon Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan (MORE)

Who are the American presidents of the twentieth century?

The American Presidents of the Twentieth (20th) Century are as follows: 26th President Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-190927th President William Howard Taft, 1909-191328th President (MORE)

Was 1904 the first leap year of the twentieth century?

Yes - the previous multiple of 4, 1900, as a year divisible by 100, would also require to be divisible by 400 in order to be a leap year - which it is not. While 2000 is divis (MORE)

How many presidents were born in the twentieth century?

All of them from John F Kennedy on were born in the 20th century. (Due the age requirement for President, there cannot possibly a president born in the 21st century until 20 (MORE)

Why we should learn twentieth century?

For the same reason you learn about other periods in history: to  learn how things came about and through that, to understand the  present situation. Without learning about (MORE)