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How can you have twins?

theres no way to make yourself have twins. that happens when two eggs are released when you ovulate fraternal) or the egg splits in two (identical). twins are more common if t ( Full Answer )
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What are twins?

\nthere are two different types of twins\niddentical (from a single egg)and un-iddentical(from two eggs).\ntwins are usually close, and share similar likes and dislikes.\nsome ( Full Answer )
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How can you get twins?

Twins happen when the egg is fertilised and then splits, making two babies. The same happens with triplets too, but the egg splits again.
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What is twinning?

Twinning is formation of twin crystals like Siamese twins during crystallization which follow defined twin laws e.g. Spinel and Albite.
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What do you do to get twins?

The parents make love to get twins but beware You might get a single child insted of twins.. And if the protection dose not work then you will have chilldren.
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Why do you have twins?

There are two natural ways, one being when u ovulated u had one fertilized egg that split into two, which also would make them identical twins, and two when you ovulated there ( Full Answer )
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How you get twins?

I think how strong the guys sperm is is how it works u want strong sperm for multiples and weak sperm for one child
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Who were the twins?

The twins were one of the first generations of twins and well both were girls soon before we had rules and laws when their parents died they got married they hooked up quite a ( Full Answer )
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What did the twins do?

The twins were terrors. What didn't they do?. Stories will forever be formed and reformed on the doings of the twins.
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How to get twins?

You cannot control if you get twins, but twins are created when oneegg splits into two.