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What if your two stroke dirt bike starts to smoke bad?

If your 2 stroke dirt bike starts to smoke really bad that means  you have to much oil in the fuel or the wrong kind of oil.  Or the pistons, oil rings or cylinders are badl (MORE)
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Is two cups of coffee a day bad for you?

One or two cups in a day isn't bad for you. Coffee in moderation is said to have health benefits. Best to try and have your cup or cups of joe in the morning though. The caffe (MORE)

Stocks 101: Learn Stock Market Basics

The stock market is one of the more intimidating subjects in all of personal finance. You may want to get into the stock market, but are hesitant because you don't understand (MORE)

How do you tackle bad neighbors?

The best way to tackle bad brothers...rather than saying to keep your cool.. first ignore , second..very politely ask them there problem is......if u can solve (MORE)

Is the two child policy a bad thing?

  The two child policy idea is unequivocally erroneous simply because it will create a devastating demise to the economy. It will also create a demographic winter which wi (MORE)

Is it bad to eat more than two vitamins a day?

Assuming you are referring to typical multivitamins, they have large safety margins, so taking two doses, even over a long period of time, is not going to hurt anyone. On the (MORE)