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Disadvantage of two party system?

First, there is the lack of choice. If there are only two parties, then they must reach towards the majority of the country. Therefore, they need to not have extreme views, so (MORE)

What are the advantages of a two political party system?

The main advantage of having a two-party system versus a more fragmented one is the simplicity of forming and maintaining a government. As such, in a 'pure' two party system (MORE)

Importance of a two party system?

The importance of a two-party system is very important within a governmental system. The split of the peoples interest can be found in the party-system. It gives the governm (MORE)

What are some disadvantages of two-party systems?

Two-party systems become entrenched, power-sharing schemes that substitute polarized rhetoric for actual debate. By occupying all the media with their "talking points", they p (MORE)

Who started the two party US system?

In essence the "two-party system" (which is incorrect, the US has many different political parties including the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, and many, many, many, more) (MORE)

Why did a two-party system develop in the US?

The existence of only two dominant parties stems largely from election rules that provide for single-member districts and winner-take-all elections. Each "district" can have o (MORE)