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What is the function of a tympanum membrane of a frog?

The tympanid membrane is the eardrum of the frog. It vibrates and lets the frog know danger is near. The frog will use it's own croak, song, or peep to (echo) bounce sound off (MORE)

What is the function of the tympanum in the grasshopper?

  To allow the grasshopper to hear. The tympanum is basically an eardrum in the side of a grashopper's body.    To hear, just like us. Grasshopper and cricket males o (MORE)

What is architecture?

Architecture is constructing a building or designing something either by a computer or person. Architecture is also for creating a system.   1. The science or profession o (MORE)

What is the function of the tympanum of a frog?

The 'tympanum' is the same thing as the human eardrum-- it is used for hearing! Frogs and toads have this membrane on either side of their heads for bi-directional hearing. T (MORE)

How do you get into architecture?

You could either study it, or have it in you! Many people who study architecture have their own ideas how buildings should look like! You could start by joining forum conversa (MORE)

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