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What type of fuel does Russia use?

Russia uses a fuel called Fossil Fuel. It pollutes a lot. Russia has something called a Tidal Power Plant. It is expensive to build, but after it's built, you can use almost a (MORE)

What type of terrain does Russia have?

Russia consists of broad plain with low hills west of Urals, it has  vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia, also uplands and  mountains (Caucasus range) along souther (MORE)
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What is the government type in Russia?

Russia (officially, the Russian Federation) is a democratic republic where the President shares power with a Prime Minister. The current President is Dmitry Medvedev. The curr (MORE)

What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants?

The Aral Sea used to supply its local inhabitants with commercial fishing. Since the sea evaporated, you can literally sea the hulks of the former fishing vessels stranded on (MORE)
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What is the ideal body type in Russia?

There are over 160 different ethnic groups that are found in  Russia. As a result, there are various body types that are  considered ideal due to cultural tastes and differe (MORE)

What is the catch finding a woman from Russia on local dating site?

  One might have to renounce one"s American Citizenship as Russia is still considered an (Unfriendly) or politically-hostile country. One might also find oneself being inv (MORE)

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