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Path of a typhoon?

Typhoon is a name given to tropical cyclones in North Pacific  Ocean. Typhoon builds up as a result of low pressure and high  winds. The path of the typhoon is the direction (MORE)

What is typhoon about?

A typhoon is a tropical storm that takes place mainly in the  Pacific Ocean.
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What will you do if there is a strong typhoon?

If there is a typhoon stay inside or in a basement or cellar, DO NOT for any reason go out side. Stay under either stairs or a strong table if the typhoon is extreemly close t (MORE)

How typhoon is made?

typhoons form when the following conditions are met Their is a low pressure area The water is warm (around 80'F) the low pressure and warm water allow the water to evaporate (MORE)

What do you do after the typhoon?

After a cyclone has passed, you are advised to stay indoors or in your shelter, waiting for the signal for "all clear" before venturing out. Naturally, once you are outside, y (MORE)

What happens after the typhoon?

Depending on how powerful the typhoon is, people either return to normal or people do their best to survive because of the damage, or other countries help the country out with (MORE)

How and where do typhoons start?

Typhoons usually start when a storm occurs mainly in areas close to the ocean (borders). They start off as tropical thunderstorms. Its basically just like hurricanes and cyclo (MORE)