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What instruments are typically in a pit orchestra?

As a music director for musicals and having played in many pits and being an orchestrator of shows myself, I can tell you that the instrumentation in most shows varies from 3 (MORE)

What is a typical viking?

A Viking was someone who went aviking. That is, a trading/raiding expedition. They were usually led by the second or third sons of a chieftain or wealthy landowner in order to (MORE)
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How was the typical manor?

the typical manor was like a small town with people that worked under the landlord in exchange for protection and food, shelter, etc.
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Who are the typical stakeholders in an information system?

stakholder is any person who has on interest in an existing or porposed information system
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What is a typical Jordan Wedding Song?

  I went to a Jordanian engagement party in Jordan recently and they played a type of music which they danced to called dubkha. It's very energetic and lively and involves (MORE)
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Is Typically a verb?

Typically is an adverb, which is a word that describes a verb. Take these sentences for instance: "We typically go running after dinner." "I typically know the answers to que (MORE)

What is the typical shape of a shield volcano?

Shield volcanoes are in the shape of a shield. Hence, the name shield volcano! Shield volcanoes are tall and broad with flat rounded shapes. They have low slpes and almost alw (MORE)

What are three typical dishes from Uruguay?

"Chivito" is a typical Uruguayan sandwich. It includes bacon, ham and steak. It contains fresh eggs, lettuce, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. It adds mayonnaise as a sauce and (MORE)