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Who is a typical Australian?

A typical Australian has the following characteristics: . a strong sense of justice, balanced by a desire to champion the "underdog" . loyalty and a strong sense of "matesh (MORE)

What does typical mean?

Typical means something that has the same qualities or characteristics of others in the same group or category. It's similar to the words normal and average. For example, I ha (MORE)

What is a typical Aussie?

We sit outside in the nice sun eating snags of the barbeque and meat pies all the time. Dont forgot we say good ay to everyone. AS IF. These are just stereo types and since im (MORE)
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How was the typical manor?

the typical manor was like a small town with people that worked under the landlord in exchange for protection and food, shelter, etc.
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What is a typical viking?

A Viking was someone who went aviking. That is, a trading/raiding expedition. They were usually led by the second or third sons of a chieftain or wealthy landowner in order to (MORE)

What does a Medieval do typically?

That's like asking what does a man do typically - every one is different and there is definitely no such thing as a"typical medieval person". The very marked class system m (MORE)
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What is pleiotropy typically?

\n\n \n \n \n \n . \n \n causes various\nsymptoms to appear even though it only impacts a single gene. \n . \n \n \n \n \n . \n \n (MORE)