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Did a tyrannosaur have defense?

Tyrannosaurus Rex didn't really need a defense. It was the dominant predator of it's time because of it's gigantic mouth fit with teeth that are comparable to steak knives. Ty (MORE)

How do you get tyrannosaur?

Well, first you start by making sense when you ask the question.. After that, you look in a book and realize "tyrannosaur" has been extinct for about 65,000,000 years, and yo (MORE)
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How did tyrannosaurs die?

people say it was a meteor shower that killed off all of them including other dinosaours. some people believe that it was a volcano. it still remains a mystery. there are thou (MORE)

Are tyrannosaurs fast?

The speed of tyrannosaurs is a highly debated subject among paleontologists. It is agreed by all that they were incapable of becoming completely airborne while running. The sl (MORE)

Was the tyrannosaur smart?

Tyrannosaurs are theropod dinosaurs. The theropods were the smartest group of dinosaurs. Although T-rex was smart, paleontologists believe that it wasn't as smart as Troodon, (MORE)

How fast is a tyrannosaurs rex?

The speed of Tyrannosaurus rex is a highly debated subject among paleontologists. The lowest estimate for a T-rex's top speed was 11 miles per hour. The fastest estimate was 4 (MORE)
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How did tyrannosaurs look like?

i really don't know i really didn't even cared! about dinosaurs that much until now!......