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What color was the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

  No one really knows. It could have been any color but we assume green based on their similarities to modern repitles. Knowing what colour dinosaurs were is almost imposs (MORE)

How did the Tyrannosaurus Rex communicate?

T-Rex probably communicated through roars, but rarely. They probably instinctively knew their position in the group and how the others wanted them to hunt.
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How smart was a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Its eye-sight was bad (but the Jurassic Park Movie theory is not true), its smell was brilliant and its hearing was great but its brain is around the size of a peanut. No tha (MORE)

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Do you have to capitalize tyrannosaurus rex?

yes you do. it is the name of an animal. A noun, person place or THING.
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Tyrannosaurus rex and the Bible?

Whenever one believes T. Rex to have existed is not  necessarily relevant to this issue. T. Rex simply had not been  named as a species at the time the Bible was written, as (MORE)

What is some information about Tyrannosaurus rex?

Tyrannosaurus was the most deadly of all big carnivorous dinosaurs (although not the biggest) . It is aproximatly 46 feet long, and 19 feet tall. It hunted hadrosaurs like Edm (MORE)