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How do you use sound sample on tyros 2?

If by that you mean 'Custom Voice', you first need to upgrade the Ram underneath. Then source the compatible custom voices and load them in.

List the ten successful traits for an IT - TYRO?

The successful trait of IT-Tyro is as follow; a. Self-Learning ability. b. Be an eternal student. c. Effective Communication. d. Human Engineering. e. Time Management. f. Lea (MORE)
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What is the cheapest price available for a Yamaha Tyros keyboard?

Depending on what model Yamaha Tyros keyboard is needed, whether a new or used one is required, or any number of other variables, finding the cheapest price will vary. Researc (MORE)
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What is the cost for a Yamaha Tyros?

The cost of a Yamaha Tyros will depend on where one purchase's the keyboard. However, one might purchase this keyboard on Amazon for under $250, possibly with free shipping.