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What is tzatziki?

tzatziki is a traditional greek dip that is made from yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, and dill or mint. It is usually served with pitta bread. JN
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Where is tzatziki from?

The word 'tzatziki' refers to a sauce that often is used in the preparation of the Greek meat dishes 'gyros' and 'souvlaki'. It's made up of strained yoghurt from the milk o ( Full Answer )
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What can you substitute for tzatziki aka cucumber spread in a traditional middle eastern dinner?

The primary ingredient to Tzatziki is yogurt. In a pinch, plain unsweetened yogurt can be used - however it will be lacking in rich zesty flavor that true Tzatziki can provide ( Full Answer )
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How many calories in tzatziki?

How many calories are in tzatziki sauce depends on what kind youget. On average, there are 29 calories in one tablespoon sizedserving.
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Can you make tzatziki from frozen cucumber?

Since you grate the cucumber in tzatziki, you can use frozen if you make sure to drain it very well after it's thawed and grated. It would also be good to put the thawed, grat ( Full Answer )