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How has TV affected presidential elections?

  In the 1960 elections, during debates on television, Nixon refused to wear television make up and came across as old looking while Kennedy's pride was not hurt by the ma (MORE)

Who won the 1860 presidential election?

Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate was elected US  president in 1860. His running mate was Hannibal Hamlin from Maine.  The was the first time that a Republican presi (MORE)

Who were the presidential candidates running for 2008's election?

In 2008, there were a number of candidates on both sides seeking their party's nomination. The final nominees were Barack Obama and John McCain, but before that happened, vari (MORE)

How did the Republican Party 'help Johnson achieve the kind of victory he desired' in the 1964 presidential election?

Lyndon Johnson was elected as the youngest minority leader in  Senate. Soon after election the democrats had won majority leader  in the senate. This gained Johnson huge ski (MORE)

Who were the nominees for the 1996 presidential election?

Democratic: Bill Clinton (incumbent President, former Governor of Arkansas) Running mate: Al Gore (incumbent Vice President, former Senator of Tennessee) Republican: B (MORE)

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