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Is a US senator elected or appointed?

Members of the US senate are elected by voters from each state.There are two senators for every state. Depending on the state, asenator can be appointed by the governor to fil (MORE)

Who elects senate members?

Before the Seventeenth Amendment of the United States Constitution was passed in 1913, Senators were elected to Congress by the state legislatures. However, since the ratifi (MORE)

Who was responsible for electing the US Senate?

  Answer   Originally the legislatures of each U.S. state selected their two U.S. senators and sent them to Washington. But in 1913, the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Co (MORE)

How is the Senate elected?

 Each state elects two senators. Senators are elected by the state  as a whole, as opposed to Representatives who are elected to  represent a specific portion of the state (MORE)

How Often are congressman and senators elected?

In the U.S., Congressmen are elected every two years, while Senators are elected every six years.
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How does a US senator get re-elected?

  Answer   Re-Election is acheived by signing up for the ballot, and charming the Voters. If you think that Senator should not be re-elected, don't vote for them, but (MORE)

Do people elect their senators?

Yes people vote for senators now. It used to be that senators were  apoointed by the governor of the state. A constitutional amendment  changed that.
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