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Is Hamas a terrorist organization?

Yes. According to United States, European Union, Israel, and numerous impartial organizations, Hamas is a terrorist organization. There are others who critique that Hamas is m (MORE)

Have American Jews in the State Department hijacked America's foreign policy in the Middle East?

That sounds like a conspiracy theory. ___________ It certainly appears that way since despite the fact that the great majority of Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq, (MORE)

Why is it difficult to infiltrate terrorist organizations?

Terrorism comes since ancient times. Now days, terrorists trains and receives indoctrination from certified trainers. This makes it very difficult to infiltrate one; you can't (MORE)

Is Palestine a terrorist state?

Answer 1 That's a gray area. Officially, not anymore. The PLO renounced terrorism long ago. At present, Palestine is a semi-autonomous state within Israel instead of an Israel (MORE)

Which department carries out foreign policy?

The executive department that serves under the President of the  United States that carries out foreign policy is the Secretary of  State. This individual has the responsibi (MORE)

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