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Who is in u2?

U2's members are: Bono - Vocals The Edge - Guitar Adam Clayton - Bass guitar Larry Mullen Jr - Drums
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Why is the band U2 called U2?

In the Cold War the American Airforce used an Airplane called a U-2. It was used as a spy plane and could take photos from extreme heights. They were flown many times over Cub (MORE)

What does the U2 in U2 spyplane stand for?

U means Utility--a plane that can do many things. They were trying to hide the fact it's a surveillance platform. Another plane with a U in its name is the U-21, which is a B (MORE)
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Where have u2 performed?

They have performed in at least one city in every continent in the world (apart from the Antarctic). Some places include Dublin, London, Pittsburgh, Brazil, Ghana, New York, C (MORE)
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How did U2 start?

The drummer, Larry Muller Jr. placed a note in their school. All the formal members responded and so did the edge's brother. He left the band before the first record..
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When was U2 popular?

U2 became gods in 1987, when Joshua Tree came out, but they were always a big band (at least in my humble opinion).
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When did U2 get started?

Their debut album was in 1980, Boy. So the band officially started in 1980, but, they formed in Dublin, Ireland, in September of 1976.
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Where did u2 meet?

They all went to Mount Temple Comprehensive school in Clontarf, but their first meeting would have been in Larry Mullen Jr's kitchen after he posted that note on the noticeboa (MORE)
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What is the U2?

idk what U2 your referring to but im going to gues its the U2 incident durring the cold war. The U2 was a spy plane piloted by Frances Gary Powers that went down over Soviet R (MORE)