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How many albums did U2 make?

  I have 14 music cd's and 2 concert dvd/cd's.. I do belive that is all there is for music cd's .. if anyone has more than 14 please post a response !! The last album I ha (MORE)
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How many members are in the band U2?

U2 is a four member band. The group consists of Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums and (MORE)

Why is the band U2 called U2?

  In the Cold War the American Airforce used an Airplane called a U-2. It was used as a spy plane and could take photos from extreme heights. They were flown many times ov (MORE)

What is U2 worldwide record sales?

I'm pretty sure that U2 have sold a total of 149 million albums worldwide Each album sales: Boy : 3m October : 3m War : 8m Under A Blood Red Sky: 8m Unforgettable (MORE)

Who is the u2's lead singer?

bono is his well known name but his real name is Paul Hewson. "Bono Vox" is an alteration of Bonavox, a Latin phrase which translates to "good voice." It is said he was nick (MORE)

What are the names of U2?

  Band members?   Paul Hewson 'Bono' - Vocals   Dave 'The edge' Evans - Guitar   Adam Clayton - Bass   Larry Mullan - Drums.
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How old is U2 band members?

right now (2011) all of U2 band members I think are in their fifties except their drummer who, I think, is 49. Bono will turn 51 on May 10, 2011
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How old are the members of U2?

Bono is 50 (may 10, 1960) Adam Clayton is 50 ( March 13, 1960) The Edge is 49 ( August 8, 1961) Larry Mullen Jr. is 49 ( October 31, 1961)
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What age are u2?

if you are asking members age: bono(b.1960), edge(b. 1961), Adam clayton (b.1960), Larry mullen jr. (b.1991) if you are asking bands age, u2 formed in 1976
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How U2 get their name?

Before Being called U2, their first band name was The Hype and their second name was Feedback. They then changed their name to U2 from the 1960 U2 bomber incident during the C (MORE)