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Who are the members of U2?

U2 ( IPA : /ˌjuːˈtuː/) are a rock band from Dublin , Ireland . The band consists of Bono (vocals and violin), The Edge (guitar, keyboards and vocals), (MORE)
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Who is the bassist in U2?

Adam Clayton. Born in U.K. but travelled a lot with his family as a child as his father was a pilot. Moved to Dublin when his father got a job with Aer Lingus. Attended same s (MORE)
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Who is in u2?

U2's members are: Bono - Vocals The Edge - Guitar Adam Clayton - Bass guitar Larry Mullen Jr - Drums
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What age are u2?

if you are asking members age: bono(b.1960), edge(b. 1961), Adam clayton (b.1960), Larry mullen jr. (b.1991) if you are asking bands age, u2 formed in 1976
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Why is the band U2 called U2?

In the Cold War the American Airforce used an Airplane called a U-2. It was used as a spy plane and could take photos from extreme heights. They were flown many times over Cub (MORE)

What does the U2 in U2 spyplane stand for?

U means Utility--a plane that can do many things. They were trying to hide the fact it's a surveillance platform. Another plane with a U in its name is the U-21, which is a B (MORE)
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What impact did U2 have?

U2 has really had a huge impact on music. With Bono's soaring vocals and The Edge's ringing guitar sound. They have paved the way for many contemporary bands.
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How U2 get their name?

Before Being called U2, their first band name was The Hype and their second name was Feedback. They then changed their name to U2 from the 1960 U2 bomber incident during the C (MORE)
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Who created the U2?

Bono, Adam, and edge were looking for a drummer they put a a sign that said drummer needed then Larry Mullen saw that and tried out and made it. they have been together for 30 (MORE)
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What is the U2?

idk what U2 your referring to but im going to gues its the U2 incident durring the cold war. The U2 was a spy plane piloted by Frances Gary Powers that went down over Soviet R (MORE)