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What powers are granted to senate and not the house?

While the House of Representatives has the power to recommend impeachment of a sitting president, vice president or other civic official such as a judge for "high crimes and m (MORE)

What is the most powerful office in the senate?

The Vice President of the US presides over the Senate, but  officiates only on formal occasions. A president pro tempore sits  in the Vice President's absence but the office (MORE)

What powers did the Roman Senate have?

Senators could pass Senatus Consultum to advise the Magistrate. In  times of crisis, they could invoke Senatus Consultum ultimum, which  allowed them to use any means necess (MORE)

How did the Roman Senate gained power-?

During the period of the republic the senate was a very powerful  body, but it never gained power. It was an advisory body, not a  ruling body. During the period of rule by (MORE)

Why the roman senate gained power?

The Roman senate became very powerful during the 482-year period of  the Roman republic. However, it did not actually "gain" power  because it was not a governing body. It s (MORE)