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What is ubiquitous computing?

Ubiquitous computing is essentially the term for human interaction with computers in virtually everything we do. This is future phase beyond the desktop and notebook environme (MORE)

What does ubiquitous substance mean?

"Ubiquitous" is a word that means "found everywhere - you can't turn around without tripping over it". In the modern world, the "Nike" logo is ubiquitous, for example.
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What are ubiquitous industries?

Ubiquitous industries involve producers who are inseparable from the immediate markets that they serve. Ubiquitous industries are widely distributed. Examples include: newspa (MORE)
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What is the meaning of ubiquitous resources?

ubiquitous resources are nothing but resources found everywhere around the world . Eg. air, sunlight , water. water is also one among them but as per the situation now, i gues (MORE)

Why is bacteria ubiquitous?

  Bacteria can live everywhere (ubiquity) because there are so many different species all adapted to different environments.
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How do we use ubiquitous computing?

The same way as we use products without it. However products with  it can also: be controlled remotely, report problems and failures  directly back to the manufacturer makin (MORE)