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Do beef cattle have udders?

Not all of them. Only beef cows, those mature female bovines that have given birth already, have udders. Heifers (prior to being bred), steers, bulls and calves do not.
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Why doesn't milk curdle in a cow's udder?

Because it does not have the enzymes or proteins that would cause  it to separate.
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The Udder-Angry Travelers Off departed after?

The Udder-Angry Travelers Off departed after a dispute over the  remains of freshly killed antelopes.
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What does a cow's udder do?

It synthesizes and stores milk until it is time for the milk to come out either by stimulation from the milking machine or by hand or by the scent and suckling action of the c (MORE)

Will a cow's udder explode if they are not milked?

If you stop milking a cow, the udder will get really big, but will not explode. The milk will slowly diminish and the udder will get back to normal size after a while, and she (MORE)

What to do for a cows large udder after losing calf?

How swollen is it? How old was the calf? If the calf was already starting to graze and the udder does not look overly enlarged, it should take care of itself in a few days/wee (MORE)

What are the names of the parts of a cow's udder?

The whole sac between the legs of a cow is called the Udder. The four cylindrical protuberances below are called Teats. A cow's udder is divided up into four quarters. The fro (MORE)

What is a udder cell?

udder cell is one of the cells found in a female mammal's udder, which is the location of the milk glands in a number of kinds of mammal
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