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What does a cow's udder do?

It synthesizes and stores milk until it is time for the milk to come out either by stimulation from the milking machine or by hand or by the scent and suckling action of the c (MORE)

What is the cow's udder?

The cow's mammary gland is called an udder. Mammary glands produce milk to nourish the baby calf. Mammary glands develop in the heifer prior to birth, and further develop and (MORE)

What is an udder?

An udder is a bag-like organ situated between the back legs thatcontains mammary tissue which are used to generate and synthesizemilk. All female ungulate animals (from horses (MORE)

Which cows have udders?

All of them. Cows are mature female bovines that have given birth to one or two calves, thus making them able to have an udder.

Do dogs have udders?

No. An udder is a specialised mammary organ, a single mass with one or more (depending on species) pairs of mammary glands. Dogs have three pairs of nipples, each mammary g (MORE)

What is a udder on horses?

The same thing it is on cows. They have 2 "nipples" that produce milk when the horse is pregnant or has a baby. The baby drinks the milk from the mama's utter.