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What was Blondies first UK number 1 single?

Blondie's first UK number 1 single was called Heart of Glass. The  song was recorded in June, 1978 and was released on January 3,  1979.
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What is the name of Madonna's first UK single?

  Madonna's first single released in the UK was "Everybody" (December 1982). It did not chart. Madonna's first charting single in the UK is "Holiday" (1983), which reached (MORE)

When did the UK music charts start?

The first UK Singles Chart was released on 15th November 1952. The first UK Albums Chart was released on 22nd July 1956. The first number one single was "Here In My Heart" by (MORE)

What was the first UK number one single?

Todays Charts are Researched and published by the Official UK Charts Company, and broadcast on BBC Radio 1 every sunday. Before this most major music Industry publications ra (MORE)

What was Rod Stewart's first UK hit single?

The first major UK hit was Reason To Believe which had Maggie May on the B-side. By the time it charted, it was being printed as a double-A-side, since Maggie May was played (MORE)