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Youngest female artist to get a number 1 in the UK charts?

According to Wikipedia it's Avril Lavigne - someone said Charlotte Church, but she never made number 1. Avril Lavigne is the youngest female artist to have a number one albu (MORE)

When did the UK music charts start?

The first UK Singles Chart was released on 15th November 1952. The first UK Albums Chart was released on 22nd July 1956. The first number one single was "Here In My Heart" by (MORE)

UK Number One Pop Chart October 1973?

  "Eye Level" by Simon Park Orchestra was #1 beginning the week of September 29 and held that position for 4 weeks. "Daydreamer/The Puppy Song" by David Cassidy reached #1 (MORE)

Which reggae song first made it into the UK charts?

I think it was isrealites by desmond dekker but I could be wrong, alothough millie small had a hit with my boy lollipop which was a ska track. There may have been a rocksteady (MORE)

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