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What does ulterior mean?

Ulterior means there is a motive other than the one you may think for doing something. An example of this is say being extra nice to someone you really don't like so they will (MORE)

What does ulterior thought mean?

Ulterior thought, often called ulterior motive, is the underlyingor concealed motive behind a request. It is usually considered tobe a selfish or negative hidden motive.

What is an ulterior motive?

An ulterior motive is a motive that they have beyond the main motive. They often do not show that they have this motive and it is often not good. The ulterior motive is almost (MORE)
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Who are the members in the Ulterior band?

The members in the Ulterior band are the following: Simmons, Honey, Mickey, and MCG. They do not have full names because they are good recording artists.
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