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Who was ultima in bless me ultima?

An elderly healer endowed with the spiritual power of her ancestors. Ultima is a complex and odd character. Ultima's power is often misunderstood by the community. Many people (MORE)

How do you get ultima keyblade in Birth By Sleep?

Unlike the previous games, you do not synthesize Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Instead, you must go to The Mirage Arena (it's best to go after you beat the (MORE)

Is ultima a dynamic character in bless you ultima?

In Bless Me Ultima, Ultima is a static character. Throughout the novel she is the stronghold that Tony goes to and learns from. She is secretive and mysterious and is misunder (MORE)
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Why was Bless Me Ultima banned?

This book was thought to encourage witchcraft which is why the authorities first banned it. If you read it already, you can see why. The powers of the church in this book are (MORE)

How do you get ultima weapon in re coded?

You must upgrade scan to lv.3 or lv.4 and go to to hollow bastion. in the place that you find the last piece for the door, there will be a lv.80 Sector, which is very hard, an (MORE)