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Is there a Christian ultimate reality?

Ultimate reality exists outside religions. There is not a different reality for each religion, only an inner peace and understanding. It is both a religious experience (no mat (MORE)
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What is 'ultimate reality'?

Ultimate reality, higher consciousness, the mystical state, buddha consciousness, god consciousness (and there are more). Each is a state of mind that cannot -- cannot be desc (MORE)

According to Aristotle what is the ultimate cause of reality?

  Aristotle said that the world must have an "Initial Cause", that something must have set in motion the cosmos. That has been used and is still used as an argument by man (MORE)

What is known as the ultimate reality for Buddhism?

The ultimate reality or ultimate truth is the inherent nature of everything. It is how things really are. Everything has an ultimate or absolute aspect and a relative aspect (MORE)
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What is the ultimate reality in judaism?

God, the master of the universe, is the ultimate reality. He created the entire cosmos in 6 days and rested on the 7th (Genesis ch.1-2). That is the ultimate reality in Judais (MORE)