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What is ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet light (UV light) is light of shorter wavelength than the visible spectrum. Many insects, like bees, see mostly UV light so they can find plants with nectar. Sunlig (MORE)

What do Ultraviolet Telescopes Do?

Ultraviolet telescopes are similar to optical reflecting telescopes, but their mirrors have special coatings that reflect ultraviolet light very well. Ultraviolet telescopes p (MORE)
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What are the dangers of ultraviolet?

UV radiation is of a high energy, therefore it can cause damage to living cells. The dangers faced by humans include; most commonly damage to the skin, but also damage to the (MORE)

What dangers does ultraviolet have?

    Skin cancers and cataracts are increasing throughout the world. Many scientists believe that these and other serious health problems are now due to decreasing lev (MORE)
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How do you get ultraviolet radiation?

You get out in the sun. Sun light includes UV radiation. Additional answer Your questions asks how do you get UV radiation. You can get it from the Sun or from special UV em (MORE)
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What is Ultraviolet (UV)?

 Sunlight has long since been known to kill micro-organisms. The  rays from the sun contain the UV Spectrum used in Ultraviolet Water  Treatment Systems - although at much (MORE)
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What are ultraviolet filters?

It provides high quality optical glass for maximum clarity and serves as permanent lens protection against dust dirt and stains.
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