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What year was Vienna in the charts by ultravox?

"Vienna" by Ultravox charted twice. It peaked at #2 on the UK charts when it was originally released in 1980. It was re-issued in 1992 and peaked at #13 in 1993.
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Looking for music that's in the same category as ultravox and visage any ideas?

Some early human league and Heaven 17 is a bit alike. album tracks from Depeche Mode are often similar in style to Midge Ure-era Ultravox-Especiallyhalf of Speak and Spell( th (MORE)
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What year did Ultravox play at Avery Fisher Hall in New York?

Ultravox played the Avery Fisher Hall March 28th, 1983. It was an incredible show, one of my all time favorites. Back in the late 90's I had a chat with Warren Cann and he sai (MORE)