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What is the meaning of cutting the umbilical cord?

Physical Meaning: After the baby has been delivered, the child is  still attached to the placenta (a large temporary organ which  develops in the uterus along with the baby. (MORE)

What are umbilical cord stem cells?

The stem cells that are harvested from a baby's umbilical cord is called cord blood. The cord blood when used in a transplant is confirmed in curing fatal diseases like diabet (MORE)

What does the umbilical cord do for the baby?

The umbilical cord contains an artery and a vein, carrying the  baby's blood between the baby and the placenta. This exchange  removes toxins from the baby's blood and adds (MORE)

Do birds have umbilical cords?

No, only mammals which develop inside the mother's womb depend on a  placenta for their growth, and therefore have an umbilical cord.  (There is no umbilical cord involved i (MORE)

What is a umbillical cord?

The umbilical chord connects the fetus (unborn baby) to its mother when it is in her womb. It allows oxygen and nutrients to pass through the blood stream into the baby so it (MORE)
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What do umbilical cords have inside them?

Umbilical cords have two arteries and a vein inside them. These are surrounded by a material called Wharton's Jelly and a protective membrane known as the amnion.
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