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How can you use umbrage in a sentence?

Umbrage = offence Umbrage = foliage, also the shadow cast by it. The trees under whose umbrage we spent the afternoon covered a large portion of the farm.
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What are the antonyms of umbrage?

Examples of antonyms for the noun 'umbrage' are: . cheer . comfort . enjoyment . happiness . joy . pleasure
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Which of the words 'breakfast' 'papyrus' 'umbrage' and 'umbrella' comes into English by way of Italian?

Umbrella is the only word on the list - whichincludes "breakfast", "papyrus" and "umbrage" - to come intoEnglish by way of Italian. . Specifically, the English word breakfas ( Full Answer )
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Is umbrage a abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'umbrage' is an abstract noun as a word for afeeling of offense, annoyance, or displeasure; a word for anemotion.