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What is ummah?

Ummah is an Arabic word for Nation. Ummah is used to refer to the Muslim nation. The Muslim Ummah is considered to be a single body and so it is binding upon the other Muslims (MORE)
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Who is the Muslim ummah?

Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning "community" or "nation". It is commonly used to mean either the collective nation of states, or (in the context of pan-Arab (MORE)
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What is Ummah in Islam?

Ummah is the Arabic word that mean community or nation. In Islam ummah means the whole of the Muslim community. all believers of Islam are part of the ummah.
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Why the ummah is important for Muslims?

Because it shows the unity of Muslims. It is said in one of the hadiths that if one part of the body is in pain the whole body is in pain.. which is what the Muslim ummah is, (MORE)
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What are the rules in ummah?

the ummah is when mulims form a family and one coummunity the rules of ummah are when a family be a family
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How people go to ummah and the rules for ummah?

You cannot go to ummah. Ummah is an arabic word meaning one nation/community. It is also used as a collective Islamic state. Ina lame mans definition ummah is one familyof mus (MORE)

Why are Muslims a defeated ummah today?

As this is asking for an opinion, you will likely have different views. Answer 1 The question as posed is awkward and confusing. I understand it as asking "Why are the Muslim- (MORE)