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Why Israel unacceptable for her neighbor?

Israel is unacceptable for its neighbour because it is a Jewish state, and has resisted the Islamic desire to make the world Muslim. Similarly, there are conflicts all over ( Full Answer )
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What is unacceptable about this structure?

If by 'this structure' we're talking about sentence structure, then what is unacceptable is the ambiguity as regards what the actual subject of the sentence is. The ambigui ( Full Answer )
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What is unacceptable paraphrasing?

Is when you change things that are most likely the same but you write the same thing. also you dont give credit to the other person.
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How do you use the word unacceptable in a sentence?

"The fistfight at the school board meeting was unacceptable behavior by public officials." "His essay was found to be unacceptable, and he had to rewrite it." "Adding nonsen ( Full Answer )
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What does unacceptable risk mean?

There is risk involved in may areas of life, investment banking and military operations to take just two. "Risk" always means a potential for failure, that is a given. Unacce ( Full Answer )
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When is it unacceptable to use a passive voice?

It is impossible to use the passive voice with an intransitive verb. For example, "The bird flies." cannot be made passive because there is no object. "I ate the doughnut." is ( Full Answer )
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How do you use unacceptable?

Unacceptable is an adjective to mean something that is inappropriate or of low quality. Examples: "Profanity is unacceptable language at school." "The quality of thi ( Full Answer )
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Why are racist jokes unacceptable?

Racist jokes are unacceptable because they offend people. The jokes make light of or attack characteristics of a person that they cannot change.