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Why was the tritone an unacceptable interval in music composed for the church?

It was thought to be the interval of the devil. ____________________ In reality, tritones occur [as components of many chords] in western music constantly, and probably in eve (MORE)

Which of the following behaviors would be considered rude or socially unacceptable in Middle Eastern cultures?

Public displays of affection between a man and a woman. Also, not looking and person in the eye; exception with elders it is important to gaze downward. It is considered rude (MORE)

How do you use the word unacceptable in a sentence?

"The fistfight at the school board meeting was unacceptable behavior by public officials." "His essay was found to be unacceptable, and he had to rewrite it." "Adding nonsense (MORE)

Italians Non verbal communication what is acceptable and unacceptable?

In the Italian culture it is acceptable to be in very close  proximity to each other, to dress very well, to carry calling  cards, and lightly touching the arms when talking (MORE)