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Members of 1982 unc championship team?

See this link for the roster: The 1982 men's basketball team from UNC starting lineup included the following returning lettermen: James Worthy Sam Perkins Matt Daugher (MORE)

Can you get into unc chapel hill with a 3.8 GPA?

That depends on a lot of other factors. Is this weighted or unweighted GPA? If you take challenging classes in high school (honors, AP) and get an unweighted 3.8 you're defini (MORE)
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Who is the PA announcer at UNC?

The PA Announcer for UNC Basketball & Football is long time  announcer Tony Gilliam who also is involved in Final Four, College  World Series, NCAA National Championship FB (MORE)

What is 13 unc thread bolt?

UNC= American Standard (unified course thread)    It is a bolt that has 13 threads per inch. which would be a 1/2 in in diameter bolt which has a unc of 13    Ti (MORE)

When did UNC win a national championship?

UNC won the NCAA tournament in mens basketball in 1957, 1982, 1993, and 2005. They were also unanimously named the national champions in 1924, before the NCAA tournament, havi (MORE)

How many players has UNC sent to the NFL?

Aiken, Sam (2003 - 2008) Albright, Ethan (1995 - 2008) Anthony, Tyrone (1984 - 1985) Aschenbrenner, Frank (1949 - 1949) Bailey, Carlton (1988 - 1997) Barker, Roy (19 (MORE)