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Members of 1982 unc championship team?

See this link for the roster: The 1982 men's basketball team from UNC starting lineup included the following returning lettermen: James Worthy Sam Perkins Matt Daugher (MORE)

Does being an Eagle Scout help for UNC Admission?

Absolutely. Colleges are looking for for people who got deeply involved in their chosen activities not just joined a bunch of thing to list on the applications. they also wan (MORE)

How much money does Roy Williams make as coach of UNC?

  According to the Associated Press, "North Carolina awarded coach Roy Williams a four-year contract extension Thursday that will keep him with the Tar Heels through the 2 (MORE)

When did UNC win a national championship?

UNC won the NCAA tournament in mens basketball in 1957, 1982, 1993, and 2005. They were also unanimously named the national champions in 1924, before the NCAA tournament, havi (MORE)

How many players has UNC sent to the NFL?

Aiken, Sam (2003 - 2008) Albright, Ethan (1995 - 2008) Anthony, Tyrone (1984 - 1985) Aschenbrenner, Frank (1949 - 1949) Bailey, Carlton (1988 - 1997) Barker, Roy (19 (MORE)

What was the team roster for UNC 1992 Football team?

The 1992 UNC football team roster consist of 98 men listed  below:Corey HollidayCliff BaskervilleCookie MasseyDante MayoBen  CroslandJay BoazTucker PerryChris WatsonBucky Br (MORE)