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When did UNC win a national championship?

UNC won the NCAA tournament in mens basketball in 1957, 1982, 1993, and 2005. They were also unanimously named the national champions in 1924, before the NCAA tournament, havi (MORE)

How old is unc?

UNC in Chapel Hill was started in 1789. So it is 219 years old. 2008 -1789 219 GO TAR HEELS!!!. UNC started in 1789 and it is 2008. 2008 - 1789 = 219 years old
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How do you get into UNC?

Have a great grade point average and do not lack. Be on your best behavior and get the best grades as you can. 3.0

Who plays for unc?

tyler hansbrough and ty lawson were on the team but they just finished there senior year and are probably going to get drafted

What is a UNC stud? a unc st (MORE)
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How good is UNC?

Terrible they might make it to the tournament this year if they are lucky. Go Duke!!!

What does UNCS stand for?

In the real world: United Nation Consumer Suppliers In the Halo world (if that's what you're refering to), it's UNSC : United Nations Space Command
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What is UNC connectivity?

Definition: UNC is a naming convention used primarily to specify and map network drives in Microsoft Windows. Support for UNC also appears in other operating systems via te (MORE)