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How do you become unconscious?

I really should not be telling you this because its not healthy for your body but i will if you want it that bad. starving yourself on a really hot day don't drink and don't e ( Full Answer )
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What is unconsciousness?

Unconsciousness, also known as passing out, knocked out, or blacked out, is a state in which the rational mind cannot receive sensory input, or interact with others through th ( Full Answer )
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How do you get unconscious?

you have oo knock your head on something hard and pass out this could cause notcia(pronounced nor-zi-a)
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What is unconscious behavior?

Behavior that is operating underneath the realm of waking consciousness. Perhaps the unconscious behavior springs forth from an unconscious need. Did anyone see "Fatal Attract ( Full Answer )
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What is an unconscious idea?

Very nice question! I think this could be a good debate question.. An "unconscious idea" sounds more like an oxymoron as the word unconscious means: not aware. If the prefi ( Full Answer )
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Is unconscious a noun?

It can be, referring to the psychological state of the mind. But it is more commonly an adjective. Conscious and subconscious are more frequently used as nouns than unconsci ( Full Answer )
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What are the aspects of the unconscious?

The Id, the ego, and the superego. This is a philosophy of Freud, the theorist. The id is the inherited desires seeking immediate satisfaction which are present in all of us a ( Full Answer )
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Are you unconscious when your sleep?

yes, to a certain extent you are unconscious when you sleep. you are unconscious during deep sleep but sometimes a person can regain consciousness while sleeping causing a luc ( Full Answer )
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What is universal unconscious?

The personal unconscious is where suppressed or ignored aspects of the individual are housed. This layer is just below consciousness, and as a general rule, is easily accessed ( Full Answer )