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What is an unconstitutional government?

Unconstitutional Government . \nSimply stated, an unconstitutional government is one that does not follow, or is not consistent with, or ignores the constitution of that co (MORE)

What is a unconstitutional law?

An unconstitutional law is a law that is not in accord with theprinciples that were established in the U.S. Constitution. Citizensdo not have to obey laws that are unconstitut (MORE)
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What is unconstitutional expansionism?

It is when you expand the powers of something illegally against the constitution. read this for examples:

Why was the wpa unconstitutional?

The WPA was not declared unconstitutional. As the threat of war increased in the U.S., the WPA changed its policy and began vocational educational training of the unemployed. (MORE)

Is garrymandering unconstitutional?

No. Gerrymandering is simply drawing political districts to conform with the requirements of population distribution resulting from the census. The name gerrymander is a resul (MORE)

Why are curfews unconstitutional?

Curfews in most cases are unconstitutional because it violates one or more amendments of the Constitution. There have been cases where curfews have been deemed constitutional (MORE)
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Why is torture unconstitutional?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Torture violates the eighth and the fifth amendments of the\nU.S constitution. \n\n \n\n The Eight Amendment prohibits\n"cruel and unusual punish (MORE)

Is euthanasia unconstitutional?

In the United States, state-sponsored involuntary euthanasia (more commonly called the death penalty) has been ruled constitutional provided the person does not experience pai (MORE)