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What is an unconstitutional government?

  Unconstitutional Government     Simply stated, an unconstitutional government is one that does not follow, or is not consistent with, or ignores the constitutio (MORE)

What is a unconstitutional law?

An unconstitutional law is a law that is not in accord with theprinciples that were established in the U.S. Constitution. Citizensdo not have to obey laws that are unconstitut (MORE)

What made slavery unconstitutional?

  The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits slavery.   Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for c (MORE)

Is it unconstitutional to declare martial law?

Martial law can only be implemented by an act of congress, and only in a specified area under attack by a foreign invasion. And only for a the period of time as needed to repe (MORE)

Was the Mexican-American war unconstitutional?

yes, because of the annexation to the United States of the foreign  state of Texas while the same was still at war with Mexico and it  was unconstitutionally commenced by th (MORE)

Why was SB1070 found unconstitutional?

The law is too vague, especially the part that says that the police will have the power to determine whether or not a person is illegal. It does not mention how this will be d (MORE)