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Are uncooked scallops bad?

dont know mate but i just cooked some, or shoudl say halfed cooked seem raw in the middle. will report back if i get crook they taste good but lol.
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Do chickens eat uncooked popcorn?

It is a grain and will not hurt them. They will not eat things they cannot swallow and an unpopped corn kernel is not much bigger than a piece of cracked corn normally found i (MORE)

What does uncooked spaghetti do to your insides?

Raw flour and pasta contain large quantities of lectins andphytates, generally known together as anti-nutrients. Differentlectins have different effects: some damage your inte (MORE)

How do you eat uncooked broccoli?

You just wash it, put it into your mouth, chew, and swallow. I like to eat mine with ranch dressing. In fact, I had some in salad last night!

Why can't you uncook food?

Because according to science, Martians do not approve of the eating of uncoiled food. This dates back to when the Martians took over planet earth on July 9,3022. They killed m (MORE)
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Why shouldn't eat uncooked food?

Fruits and vegetables are fine raw and very healthy, full of vitamins. Sushi is based on raw fish and many people drink raw eggs or eat them in meringue. But some foods shou (MORE)