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Can you freeze marinated uncooked beef?

Yes. Many food packaging businesses have been selling beef this way for a long time. If you try this, keep a clean work surface, wash your hands and try to make single serving (MORE)

Can you eat canned food uncooked?

yes but at a risk if it has meat in it like don't eat canned meat simple as that
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Can you eat mama noodles uncooked?

Mama noodles are not healthy because they can cause cancer if you put the broth,but yes you cAn eat it uncooked it is healthier and delicious.
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What do you do with uncooked rice?

You could make a sand painting by first dye-ing it various colors. Or you could just cook it and eat it. I like rice!
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What is the average weight of an uncooked potato?

While potatoes vary greatly in size or shape, potatoes produced commercially are ordered and packed based on average size and weight. The range is from extra large, with the a (MORE)

How do you store uncooked dough?

it depends for how long... a couple days in the fridge in a container or a couple weeks in the freezer in a container also hope this helped
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How should I store uncooked chicken?

Robin's Expert Answer gives excellent advice. Make sure the raw  chicken is not stored where it can drip on any other food items.   Chicken should be stored as stated in (MORE)