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What happens if you are assigned an uncovered put or uncovered call option?

Let's throw out a situation here. You bought a put on Westinghouse at 40. Tom, Dick, Harry and I all sold puts on Westinghouse at 40. Joe and Frank sold them at 47 and George (MORE)

How do you uncover fossils?

Simply dig in the underground using your explorer kit. Eventually you should find a fossil and you can the make it into Pokemon by going to the museum in Oreburgh City.

Why did Ruth uncover boaz's feet?

I've looked around for the answer and there seems to be different theories. The best answer, best research going back to the Hebrew and Greek biblical passages and cultural as (MORE)
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What has Mossad uncovered about Anna Kreisling?

Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to (MORE)

How do you get the uncovered Brutus armor?

The Armour of Brutus can be acquired after you've gotten all 6 scrolls from the Lairs of Romulus. Once you have all 6 keys, look for the golden wolf icon on your mini map. Th (MORE)