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What has Mossad uncovered about Anna Kreisling?

Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to (MORE)

Do you cook enchiladas covered or uncovered?

Typically you would start off with them covered. The steam will help with the cooking process. Toward the end you will want to uncover them to allow the cheese to fully melt (MORE)

How to bake fish covered or uncovered?

  when baked uncovered fish will have a crispier coating. when covered, it holds in the moisture and therefore will not be as crispy.
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What does uncover your fathers nakedness mean?

Leviticus 18:8 "Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy fathers wife, it is thy fathers nakedness" It means to sleep with your fathers wife (your mother) It refers to an i (MORE)
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What is an uncovered tight end?

An uncovered tight end is a tight end who lines up at the line of scrimmage without having a defensive player lining up directly in front of them. In addition, after the ball (MORE)