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In an uncovered pool will ice damage the pool?

A pool cover has little to do with the formation of ice. It is for keeping the debris out of the pool. If you are in an area where ice may form on your pool it is suggested t (MORE)

Do you cook scalloped potatoes covered or uncovered?

Start by cooking the potatoes covered for half the time. Check the casserole to see if it is too saucy. If it is, cook it uncovered, checking every ten minutes or so. When a f (MORE)

Covered and uncovered interest arbitrage?

  Covered arbitrage refers to when an investor buys a certain currency at its spot rate (i.e. $100,000 @ US$1 = £1.05) but then also purchases/enters into contract for a (MORE)

How to bake fish covered or uncovered?

  when baked uncovered fish will have a crispier coating. when covered, it holds in the moisture and therefore will not be as crispy.
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Why do sailors uncover on mess decks?

  Answer   While underway if there are many people injured the mess decks are the main place to treat them. Everyone should uncover to show their respects to those Sa (MORE)

Why should rutabagas be cooked uncovered?

Due to the fact that rutabagas is strong flavored its recommended that you leave it uncovered as you cook so as it cooks the strong bitter flavor will escape by means of evapo (MORE)
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What is an uncovered tight end?

An uncovered tight end is a tight end who lines up at the line of scrimmage without having a defensive player lining up directly in front of them. In addition, after the ball (MORE)