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What do you understand by TQM?

TQM is a philosophy and system for continuously improving the services and/or products offered to customers
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How do you understand your feelings?

you need to ask yourself am I feeling sad or happy or mad? why am i feeling this way/do i know what i usually act like?
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How can you understand your self?

Understanding the one's ownself is the key of success. to understand your self you have first to analys all the situation that you came across & to analys your respond or reac ( Full Answer )
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How do you understand love?

Youve got to be in it to understand. It's not something that's just there for everyone to understand automatically
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How do you understand hieroglyphs?

In order to understand ancient Egyptian writing you must first understand the language. Hieroglyphs were not intended to write English and the language is only partially under ( Full Answer )
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Do bunnies understand you?

They understand body language and non-verbal actions. When you train a rabbit to do tricks, it's not actually interpreting your spoken word(s), such as "stand", but rather doi ( Full Answer )
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How do you understand screamo?

If you mean "how do you understand the lyrics ?" you just have to learn them and sing along. That is the way it is for me, I can't understand what he is saying and it sounds l ( Full Answer )
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What do you understand by colors?

Colours are to make drawings colourful and we also fill colour in drawings because they look real after adding colour to the picture. There are different kind of colours-oil p ( Full Answer )
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What do you understand by torque?

Torque is the rotational effect of a force. It plays the same role in rotational motion as force plays in translational motion.
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Is it understanding with or understanding to?

It depends on the context, you could have either... I reached an understanding with Tommy not to fight any more. Tommy and I reached an understanding to stop fighting.