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Which spiritual was considered one of the civil rights movements?

"We Shall Overcome" is considered to be the anthem of the civil rights movement. It is believed that this song was derived from a gospel song written by the Rev. Charles Tindl (MORE)

Is Lutheran a cult?

NO. It is a Christian Protestant religion based on the teachings of Martin Luther who broke with the Catholic church.
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What is a sect or cult?

Sect is a break away as subset of a community with its own distinct custom,religion worship ,rituals. It has social sanction. Cult on the other hand is the practice of a ritu (MORE)

What is spirituality?

It is an art of understanding what you are ,who you are, etc. When one rectifies his mistakes he comes to reality. When one understands his reality he comes to know what the s (MORE)

What is cult leader?

A cult is a religious or social style group that possesses deviant  or novel beliefs and utilizes such style practices. A cult leader  is the head of such a group that posse (MORE)

How do you get out of a cult?

Deprogramming by a professionally trained individual or individuals if leaving is involuntary...if voluntary, complete separation from everyone & everything associated with th (MORE)

Is the unification movement started by Sun Myung Moon a cult?

People who are in it will say no. Most who are not in it will say yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I W (MORE)

Is the Latter Day Saint movement a cult?

The definition of "cult" is "a system of religious worship" or "followers of a system of religious practices". By that definition every religion is a cult, including those rel (MORE)