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What are underwriters?

Answer . Underwriters are the folks who acces a risk or an insurance application and determine if it meets the Insurance companies underwriting guidelines and capacity for (MORE)

What is an underwriter?

Answer . In general terms, an underwriter is defined as a person who assesses risks to be covered by an insurance policy or a person (as an individual or company) who under (MORE)

What is Underwriting?

It is the process of reveiwing your application for life insurance and applying the appropriate rating based on your qualifications. The process of evaluating, defining and pr (MORE)

How do you underwrite?

You need to carefully analyze the Pro and Cons of the subject (Mortgage or Insurance) and recommend a decision whether to approve or reject the application. Require sound know (MORE)

What is a mortgage underwriter?

A mortgage lender or broker who approves or turns down loan applications based upon the quality of the real property, credit-worthiness and ability to pay according to the gui (MORE)

Who is an underwriter?

an underwriter is defined as an individual or firm involved in critically analysing and determining risks and what insurance policies to take and which is best to take.

What is underwritting and what are aspect of the risk in underwriting?

Underwriting refers tothe process by which investment banks raise investment capitalfrom investors on behalf of corporations and governments that areissuing securities (bot (MORE)

What does an underwriter do?

In the area of insurance, an underwriter is a professional, usually employed by an insurance company, who makes determinations about whether a risk meets the criteria for insu (MORE)

Who are Insurance underwriters?

An Insurance Underwriter is a person who determines the risk ininsuring a client, evaluate insurance applciation and determine thecoverage amount and premiums.