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What does undo mean?

To annul an action. Example: DO = Fill a glass with water. UNDO = Empty the glass of water. In which the second action nullifies the first. or it means to UNDO A PROBLEM OR W (MORE)
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How do you undo brainwashing?

1.Forcibly remove the person from the situation that is causing the brainwashing. 2.Unending talks on what the reality and facts are. Face the truth. 3.Give alternate solutio (MORE)

What are undo and redo?

UNDO and U will undo the last thing or group of things that you did. REDO will redo a command that was previously UNDONE
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How do you undo in Photoshop?

There are many different ways to Undo in Photoshop. Ctrl + Z is keyboard shortcut for Undo last operation, Ctrl + Alt + Z is Undo keyboard shortcut. You can Undo and from Edit (MORE)
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How do you undo sewing?

You can buy a tool at the fabric store that has a hook and a tiny blade to cut out the stitches.
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How do you do undo operations?

Invert the Operation:Ex: Operation;5*6 = 30 Undo operation;5= 30/6 OR 6 = 30/5 Operation;10/2 = 5 Undo operation;2*5 = 10 OR 5*2 = 10 +1 http://wiki (MORE)