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What is difference between Redo and Undo?

When you redo something you repeat what you  have already done. So if there is an action that you want to do  over and over again, a redo can be used. When you  undo someth (MORE)

How do you undo save of Microsoft Word?

It is easy to accidentally overwrite a file if you are updating a basic template (e.g. committee minutes or a resume.) If you have closed the document you are toast. Your on (MORE)

After you do a System Restore how can you undo changes if XP will not undo your Restore?

When you power up the system before it starts there is an opportunity to push F8 usually that will let you into safe mode operation. Bring it up in safe mode and see if you c (MORE)

How do you undo a cross threaded pipe?

Heat. If you have a torch, heat the female end until it's orange. Then use a pipewrench. If you don't have a torch, sometimes putting a a pipe over the handle of a pipewrench (MORE)

Can you undo a move in a game of chess?

yes If you're going "by the book" or are in tournament or training then NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. However, if you're playing casually then be sure both players or the group agree o (MORE)

How do you undo a promise to the Holy Bible?

  For a Catholic, vows and swearing of oaths are highly discouraged unless one is making them for the greater glory of God after consultation with a spiritual direction. O (MORE)

Can you undo your divorce after it has been settled?

  We might have to define some terms. When you say the case has been settled, has a judgment of divorce been entered (i.e., filed in the Court)? If not, and the parties ar (MORE)