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Can a law be undone?

Yes. It can be rescinded, it can be found invalid, and it can be found unconstitutional.
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Can changes made by system restore be undone?

on windows 7 yes. Ive never used vista but it probably works the same way. go on to system restore and there will be an option to undo the restore operation.
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The cable on the window motor came undone from the window lift on your 2003 ford focus ...any place where you can get a diagram to see where it connects?

Ford really needs to look into this as a recall. The window on the Focus is junk. On one of my friends Focus' both is rear windows fell, and the same thing happened to another (MORE)
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When solving inequalities with multiple operations addition and subtraction are undone before multiplication and division?

Your question is a little confusing. If you are asking which gets done first ... addition/subtraction or multiplication/division ... the multiplication/division is done first. (MORE)

What do we call a Chemical change that cannot be undone?

A chemical change is a change that cannot be undone. A chemical  change cannot be reversed because a new substance will be formed.
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Can a deed be undone?

Nope. Haven't you heard: 'What's done is done?' If you physically do something, there's no way to undo it. You can do something to try to cover it up, in which success may va (MORE)