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Why do people get unemployed?

People can become unemployed if the company they work for, no  longer needs the specific service offered by the person. Also if  the department a person works for closes.

Who is unemployed?

An unemployed person can be a person who has no job and is trying  to find employment. Unemployed can also be used to describe a  person who is physically capable of working (MORE)

How do you prove you are unemployed?

If you ever worked in a company and all of a sudden your manager/supervisor told you "Don't bother coming in tomorrow. The company does not need your services anymore" Then yo (MORE)
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What is voluntarily unemployed?

It's basically a fancy term for "lazy". "Voluntarily unemployed" means you don't have a job because you don't want to work.
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What is phantom unemployed?

The Phantom stole from the musical theater in Paris is how he made the living. When he was away from the theater, he worked as circus freak, the Living Skeleton for Gypsies.
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Was Barney unemployed?

It depends on which Barney. Barney Rubble had a job. Barney the  Dinosaur had a job. Barney Fife was a deputy.
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How do you be unemployed?

There isn't much effort involved; you simply leave your job. There  aren't many good reasons why a person would want to do this except  to accept a better job or to retire.
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