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What should you do if you are unemployed?

If you are unemployed you want to contact your states' unemployment office. File for unemployment first because most states do not offer the ability to make your unemployment (MORE)

Why do people get unemployed?

People can become unemployed if the company they work for, nolonger needs the specific service offered by the person. Also ifthe department a person works for closes.

Why are people unemployed?

people are unemployed because of they're nature, they cant find a job. maybe they can be lazy but some people do try and go to jobcentres and find a decent job.

Who is unemployed?

An unemployed person can be a person who has no job and is tryingto find employment. Unemployed can also be used to describe aperson who is physically capable of working but i (MORE)
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Can you get a mortgage if you are unemployed?

Yes, but it is very hard. A good first start is to find private investors who will co-sign your mortgage because they believe your investment property may become profitable. I (MORE)

Can you get Medicaid if unemployed?

Medicaid provides medical care for indigent persons under age 18 and their parents, persons over age 65 and those permanently and totally disabled. Unemployment, in itself, do (MORE)

How do you be unemployed?

There isn't much effort involved; you simply leave your job. Therearen't many good reasons why a person would want to do this exceptto accept a better job or to retire.

What are the synonyms of unemployed?

Some of these are better than others: idle, inactive, jobless,down, loafing, free, disengaged, fired, out of work, resting,unoccupied, unused, underemployed, at liberty, betwe (MORE)