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What was Henry Hudson unfavorable qualities?

Henry Hudson had many favorable qualities which included hissuperior navigational skills and his knowledge of the sea. Howeverhis unfavorable qualities were his lack of judgme ( Full Answer )
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What is a favorable unfavorable and neutral connotation?

A word with a favorable connotation could be 'mansion', while 'shack' has an unfavorable connotation. They are both used to describe the neutral word, 'house'. Smell--- APEX
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What is Unfavorable working condition?

Unfavorable working conditions are those that may be detrimental toone's mental or physical health. Also, they may be unsafe oragainst the morals.
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What are unfavorable conditions for robots?

Basically, environments that include uncontrolled heat, moisture, radio waves, magnetism, or electrical circuits, and other robots or human workers.. Robots (mechanized, comp ( Full Answer )
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If an enzyme is exposed to an unfavorable pH?

If an enzyme is exposed to an unfavorable pH, the enzyme will havea catalyzed reaction. This means that the reaction will slow down.
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An unfavorable balance of trade occurs?

Occurs when the difference between the value of a country's exportsand the value of its imports such that imports exceed exports. Ifsustained, causes unemployment and lowers G ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of unfavorable balance of trade?

Let us first define what is the Balance of Trade (BOT). BOT is the difference between export earnings and import expenditure. Accordingly it called unfavorable balance of trad ( Full Answer )
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How do microorganisms survive unfavorable conditions?

Microorganisms do survive in unfavorable conditions by producing spores. Spores are the reproductive structures that is adapted for surviving for extended periods of time in u ( Full Answer )
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What is the unfavorable afterlife in many religions?

Dear Friend As many religions have some difficulty in understanding just what the afterlife is like, there would be many different answers to your question. Some people fee ( Full Answer )