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What is an unfit mother?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nAny mother who cannot or will not adequately provide for her child emotionally and physically.\n. \n . \n Unfit mother (parent) is a societal ter (MORE)
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Causes of Physical unfitness?

puro kc naka tingin kay Karl geslani kaya napapa bayaaan ang kalusugan..kung ako sa inyo papa ligaw na ako kay Karl geslani angwapo nya kasi ..Karl ang gwapo mo
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Why theme songs have unfitting titles?

An excellent question! what amounted to the theme song of the violent Crime Western (Butch Cassidy) was the soft-toned Raindrops keep falling on my head- which had NO connecti (MORE)
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How do you prove an unfit mother in Mississippi?

You don't prove it, the state makes such a determination. If you suspect a parent is unfit, you would contact the division of child social services in your state with a compla (MORE)
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What is an unfit mother in Virginia?

First Answer: "a mother who was never taught how to be a mother in the first place and took on the responsibility a a position she wasn't ready for therefore she treats her ch (MORE)
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Can the president be unfit?

If you mean the US president, then yes, for instance PresidentRoosevelt was confined to a wheelchair. A president does not haveto be as fit as an Olympic athlete to hold offic (MORE)