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How do you fit an unfitting shirt?

its easy! eat a lot of popcorn, chips, chocolate and high-calorie donuts ! and in just about 5 days, you'llfit into the shirt !
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Is parental alienation considered being unfit?

  Yes! Parental alienation is a group of behaviors that are damaging to children's mental and emotional well-being, and can interfere with a relationship of a child and ei (MORE)

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How do you declare your daughter an unfit mother?

If you daughter is not feeding her child, not keeping up with the child's hygiene, leaving her child in unfit conditions (her home that's is filthy) has a history of substance (MORE)

Which Pop Star Should You Party With?

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Does committing suicide make you an unfit father?

If you committed suicide you would be a unfit father because you would be dead. I assume you mean if you attempt suicide. It does not automatically make you a unfit father at (MORE)
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How to get kids from an unfit mother?

  If the children are in mortal danger, contact the local child protection services in your area. They will remove them from the home and place them in foster care. If you (MORE)
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Why are deserts unfit to live in?

Who says deserts are unfit for living? I live in the Chihuahuan  Desert of Texas and love it. Millions of people in the United  States alone live in deserts. Look at the cit (MORE)

What does unfit for duty mean?

Unfit for duty usually means the person has a medical problem,  moral issue, credibility issue or attitude issue that makes them  incapable of performing their job at the mo (MORE)
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Can the president be unfit?

If you mean the US president, then yes, for instance President  Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair. A president does not have  to be as fit as an Olympic athlete to hold (MORE)