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Is masturbating unhealthy?

I don't think so unless it starts becoming an obsession like an addiction but in some ways it can help you to relax and discover yourself sexually. Masturbation is a natural (MORE)

What are unhealthy food and why are they unhealthy?

Unhealthy food like coke, hot chips and burgers are bad for you because they do not keep the body and Brain active and in good working order. Generally, convenient or highly p (MORE)
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Is smoking unhealthy?

Smoking is unhealthy because it can affect you and the people around you. Smoking is More poisonous than Rattlesnake venom.
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Are lollies unhealthy?

lollies can be healthy and can be unhealthy because there is heaps of sugar for those who are high in sugar levels then they are unhealthy but for those who are low in sugar t (MORE)
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Is ham unhealthy?

Has a lot of salt. Better for you then hamburger or any red meat. But you are better off eating chicken or turkey.
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Why donuts are unhealthy?

They have tons of sugar and are high in sodium ( salt ) which is a  bad thing. If you have to much of it it can make you larger and  unhealthy. Having a doughnut once in a w (MORE)