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When is a relationship unhealthy?

When the person ignores you or if there treating you the worst. Examples: CHEATING, Abuse, Bad name calling, anything that makes you uncomfortable and when these might occur o (MORE)

Why is anorexia unhealthy?

  Without eating your body does not get the nutrition and energy that it needs to function.
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Is rice unhealthy?

No. Some people think that because it has carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose when they enter your body. Then the glucose goes into your blood and it is bu (MORE)
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Why are sunbeds unhealthy?

It is like standing next to a star. Sunbeds expose you to ultraviolet radiation and this can ionise your cells and damage them as it passes through your body. This is potentia (MORE)
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Is draft unhealthy?

A draft, in the sense of cold air blowing in through an open door or window, might be unhealthy if it was extremely cold, but in general, it doesn't matter. Breezes are not th (MORE)

Is douching unhealthy?

  Hello,   From what i know off yes douching is unhealthy as it rinses all your normal body fluids away, your body fluids(vaginal fluid) are there to protect your body (MORE)
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Is turkey unhealthy?

yea turkey can be very unhealthy! they have a high cholesterol and is very high in fat. remember too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing! Just take a small or no (MORE)

Is nutella unhealthy?

Nutella is marketed as a healthy nut spread with skim milk and cocoa. However, The first two ingredients are fat and sugar. When comparing the nutrition information to a cho (MORE)
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Why donuts are unhealthy?

They have tons of sugar and are high in sodium ( salt ) which is a  bad thing. If you have to much of it it can make you larger and  unhealthy. Having a doughnut once in a w (MORE)
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Is depression unhealthy?

Depression is actually pretty common, and I think the statistic is one in three people will develop it at some point in their lives. Sometimes it's just a natural coping mecha (MORE)