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What www1 trenches was unhygienic?

All of them. Here is an example of what Trench-life was like... Living conditions in trenches were very basic and extremely unhygienic. The troops slept in little holes cut (MORE)

IS it unhygienic if you touch a hamster?

No, not quite. It is only unhygienic if the hamster has not been cleaned, but dont worry. I never got sick from touching mine, and mine never bites. Just to be safe, if you ge (MORE)

What are the unhygienic conditions of hyderabad?

With phenomenal growth of population the Transportation Network of Hyderabad has extended and become dense especially in urban portion of Hyderabad District. The burden of tra (MORE)

What are unhygienic rules when working with food?

To address this question on this forum would take up too much space, you should google servsafe guidelines. As far as personal hygiene, make sure you wash your hands very ofte (MORE)
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Why is typhoid caused by drinking unhygienic water?

Typhoid fever is caused by bacteria present in contaminated water.Water is contaminated by exposure to feces of effected person . Itis common in poor countries with little hyg (MORE)