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What does unicameral mean?

It comes from the Latin camera = chamber and the prefix uni~ meaning one. It generally indicates a one-house legislature.
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What is a unicameral legislature?

A unicameral legislature is a type of government that only has onehouse or chamber. The state of Nebraska is the only state that hasa unicameral legislature.
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What is a unicameral congress?

A unicameral congress is a legislature consisting of one body,group, or "house", as opposed to a bicameral congress, which hastwo (and a tricameral congress would have three). ( Full Answer )
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Does Nebraska have a Unicameral government?

Yes. Nebraska has a unicameral government. They decided that they only needed one house, the Senate. They are the only state with a unicameral government. All others have a bi ( Full Answer )
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The Continental Congress was unicameral meaning that it did what?

Meaning it met as one group; there was only one house to the Continental Congress. Delegates from all the states met in one single body. When the current US government was ( Full Answer )
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Is unicameral better than bicameral?

No it is not. Bicameral provides a safeguard against a single body being lead by a "dupe." With bicameral, both sides have to be in agreement before moving forward.
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Is Russia unicameral or bicameral?

The Federal Assembly of Russia is a bicameral legislature, comprised of the Federation Council (the Upper House) and the State Duma (the Lower House).
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Is maharashtra unicameral or bicameral?

Maharashtra Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is situated in the Nariman Point area of South Mumbai ( Full Answer )
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Is delhi unicameral or bicameral?

delhi is unicameral because it is the capital of india. delhi is also 7th union terrortary.