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Weather dhcp offer is unicast or not?

  The answer is yes. The RFC 1541 states that a server "should" try unicast first, but then can use broadcast when offering. Some OS's like Microsoft skip the unicast part (MORE)

Difference between multicast unicast and broadcast with diagram?

Broadcast: transmitting a packet that will be received by every device on the network Unicast: the sending of information packets to a single destination Multicast: deli (MORE)

Concept of unicast ip address?

A unicast message is a message directed to a specific device on a network (just one specific device). It would have a destination IP address that corresponds to that device.
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What is a unicast packet?

A unicast packet is a regular IP packet that has a destination IP address. This is opposed to a multicast or broadcast packet that is destined for more than one device.
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What is unicast remote object in java?

The UnicastRemoteObject class defines a non-replicated remote object whose references are valid only while the server process is alive. The UnicastRemoteObject class provides (MORE)

What is unicasting and multicasting?

The terms Unicasting and Multicasting are used in computer networks. By Unicasting we mean that the communication is a One-to-One communication,ie. one computer interacts wi (MORE)
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What does unicast transmission mean?

Unicast transmission is a commonly used term in the technology world. Unicast transmission is essentially the sending of messages to a single network destination, which is ide (MORE)