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What is a unicorn?

A unicorn is a animal of legends and folklore. It is said to have  the body of a horse, tail of a lion and a single spiraled horn.  Some legends say it will run from everyon (MORE)

Where are unicorns?

They are so real!!!!!! Unicorns are everywhere, just a trip away:) also lots of money because they are a mixed genetic mess up breed of a rhino and a horse hope i helped go (MORE)

How do you get a unicorn?

On howrse you can get a uni two ways 1) breeding one: to do this you will need a lot of luck. Your best chance is to go on to your unicorn and breed her. you must do this at 6 (MORE)

Why are there no unicorns?

No, There Is No Unicorns But The Thing Is Is That Horses Are In  Place Of Unicorns And No One Have Ever Seen One They Were Created  In A Book As A Myth In A Book Made Some T (MORE)

What can a unicorn do?

Unicorns defy every law in physics, and in the world. Therefore.. they can do everything and anything imaginable. Unicorns are powerfully more epic than God, and The Smurfs co (MORE)

Can there be unicorns?

Perhaps some day someone will genetically engineer a horse to have a horn, but until then, no.
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Who is Unicorn?

A unicorn is a horse with a horn on the top of a unicorns head and plus they can fly as advice unicorns are real because i saw one
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Why do we have unicorns?

We have unicorns, because every month, the slave Jeremy Chamberlain takes a big poo does business and 300 baby unicorns come out of his poo you know what. He raises them in hi (MORE)

What if you were a unicorn?

You would be a white horse (usually) with a coiled horn coming from your forehead. Important to note that you would be a mythical European folklore creature.
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