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What organelle is unimportant for a cell?

The organelle that is considered to be unimportant for a cell isthe peroxisome. Peroxisomes are also called microbodies and theyare present in most eukaryotic cells.
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What does unimportance mean?

The definition of unimportance is: The quality of not being important or worthy of note.
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Does idle mean unimportant?

nO. The main meaning of idle is: avoiding work; lazy. not working or in use. having no purpose or basis: idle threats.
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Why is an aglet unimportant?

It's unimportant because it does nothing, but sit at the end of your shoelace. How boring is that!
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Is math unimportant?

Well, it depends on what subjects and jobs you are planning to do in the future. But in most cases, maths is a VERY important subject and therefore should study hard on it.
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What is a sentence for unimportant?

The shallow problems of the teenager seemed unimportant to the wise old man. Anyone not on the VIP list is simply unimportant.
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What is the most unimportant letter in the alphabet?

"Q" is the obvious one. Without the "U", it is pronounced the same as "K". With the "U" it is pronounced as "Kw". "Queen" is easily replaced with "Kween". The most useless let ( Full Answer )
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What are some unimportant events in mockingjay?

Well, one unimportant event is Finnick and Annie getting married. It was not needed. Another one is the intinsive description of the tunnels. If you have any other questions ( Full Answer )
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Was Athens an unimportant Greek city?

It was until it struck a rich lode of silver and developed thestrongest Greek war fleet, when it assumed a leading role againstthe Persian Empire, and after it were repulsed, ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of unimportant?

Unimportant means lacking in importance or significance. The new style of writing was unimportant to her.