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Is Dominican Republic a socialist?

The Dominican Republic is a Representative Democracy    The current president of DR is Leonel Fernandez; his political Party is the "Dominican Liberation party" which i (MORE)

What 15 independent countries were once part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

Countries that were once part of the Soviet Union include: RussiaUkraineBelarus (formerly Byelorussia)LatviaLithuaniaEstoniaGeorgiaArmeniaAzerbaijanTajikistanKazakhstanTurkme (MORE)

What were the 15 republics made up the Soviet Union?

Russian SFSR,   Ukrainian SSR,   Moldovan SSR,   Estonian SSR,   Latvian SSR,   Lithuanian SSR,   Georgian SSR,   Azerbaijan SSR,   Armenian SS (MORE)

Why do you think the Russian republic dominated the former Soviet Union?

in communism the true goal is hard labor to benefit the whole population. But in some communist states the naive labor force became aware that they were actually working like (MORE)
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What is the soviet socialist republics?

  Soviet Socialist republics were semi-autonomous entities under the authority of the Communist Party from around 1921 until the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991. "Sov (MORE)

What is the Soviet Union about?

The Soviet Union, also known as the the USSR (Union of SovietSocialist Republics) was a country where modern day Russia,including some other countrys, for example, Ukraine and (MORE)

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