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How are GIFs made?

A gif or Graphics Interchange Format file can be made with any of a great number of image manipulation programs. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel thus allowing a si (MORE)

Who invented metronomes?

After some early experimenting by Galileo Galilei and Etieune Loulie, the pendulum style metronome was invented by Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel in Amsterdam in the year1812.  Jo (MORE)
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At what level does Jigglypuff learn metronome?

Jigglypuff cannot learn the move Metronome by training. Or by a move tutor or by egg moves. Jigglypuff is not capable of learning metronome in any way. That's not true th (MORE)

How do you uncensor gifs?

Actually this can't be done it's impossible nothing can decode or replace image parts that have been coded :-( sorry if this is disappointing news.

How do you use metronome?

To use a non digital metronome you need to wind up the winding key (lowest silver key). Take the plastic cover off the metronome and unhook the pendulum from the hook. After t (MORE)

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